Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 10.12.31 PMAs everyone may know, Hollywood Studios has been transforming quickly. With upcoming expansions, budget cuts and offerings… guests will surely be happy with some decisions and frustrated with others. The big news here is that Kylo Ren will be replacing Darth Vader in the park’s Launch Bay location on Sunday February 7th. 

Many “old-school” fans will be unhappy with the change, but, I do not see Vader completely getting kicked out of the park. I fully expect Darth Vader to reamin in the Chase Disney Card Meet-and-Greet location at the park. 

Kylo will offer guests an elevated type of interaction (like Lord Vader had when the new Launch Bay opened). Ren will be able to communicate with guests and voice his opinions, allowing for the ultimate guest experience.

Launch Bay won’t be the only location to welcome the new Star Wars character; In a few short weeks, guests should expect him to make an apperance in the Jedi Training Academy (JTA) show. The show is located right next to Star Tours. Vader will remain in that show, meanwhile, Darth Maul will be saying goodbye very soon. Maul is not expected to return until the Hollywood Studios expansion projects are complete.

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