Hollywood Studios Gearing Up for Major Overhaul

No new announcements, per se, but Hollywood Studios is dropping hints that new entertainment offerings are coming. In previous posts, I’ve dropped all the info that’s available to me regarding what’s coming up for the park: Olaf, Mickey and Minnie Locations, Star Wars Stage Show + Monster’s Inc. going away.

Now, “My Disney Experience” is advertising the offerings pictured below (I modified the listing to fit them all in one image):

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 1.42.13 AM.png

As you can see… no times or dates have been posted, but the fact they are being advertised say enough. With Joy and Sadness coming to Epcot this upcoming Sunday (April 3rd) and the Star Wars Stage Show/Processional set to debut the following day (April 4th), the major overhaul at Studios is quickly approaching.

Before the summer officially kicks off, Mickey and Minnie will have relocated to their new meeting area (with different overlays), Olaf will be at the “Celebrity Spotlight” area near Echo Lake (advertised on app as coming soon/ May 10th will be latest date) and Pluto will be meeting in the Stars of Disney Jr. Courtyard (Minnie’s current location).The most fascinating thing I found on the app was the fact that Club Disney is still on there. There is no time listed, nor a description… or even a “coming soon” caption. WDW uses that locations for “Club Villain” but I’m guessing they leave the location up on the app just in case the bring it back. I think Club Disney will be back by July; management says it’s a seasonal offering and I can see them using this as a way for guests to relax, hang out and see characters during the dog days of summer. Club Disney has been one of the greatest character experiences Disney has implemented in a long time; it would be a shame if it doesn’t come back soon.


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