Prince Dies; Disney Springs AMC Theater Showing ‘Purple Rain’

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 2.54.32 AMThe legendary pop icon Prince passed away in his Minneapolis compound on Thursday, leaving much of the world in shock. The support shown through social media and even national attractions (Orlando Eye, Niagra Falls, Boston’s Zakim Bridge, etc) has been fascinating.

AMC Theaters is doing their part by showing the hit movie “Purple Rain” in 87 theaters across the country.. one of those locations being Disney Springs. The musical genius starred in this film and also won a handful of awards for this project. On Saturday there will be two showings: 2:00 and 7:30. On Sunday, the movies will re-air at the same times.

An autopsy of Prince’s body was done in Minnesota today. Sheriff Jim Olson says there is no sign of trauma, nor is there any reason to believe this unexpected death was a suicide. It will be a few weeks before the toxicology and other autopsy results come back.

Here are just a few of Prince’s accolades: 

  • Academy Award, 1985, “Purple Rain” (Best Original Song Score)

  • Golden Globe, 2007, “Song of the Heart” (Best Original Song)

  • Grammy, 1985, “Purple Rain” (Best Rock Performance by Duo or Group With Vocal)

  • Grammy, 1985, “Purple Rain” (Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media)

  • Grammy, 1985, “I Feel for You” (Best R&B Song)

  • Grammy, 1987, “Kiss” (Best Performance by Duo or Group With Vocals)

  • Grammy, 2005, “Call My Name” (Best Male R&B Vocal Performance)

  • Grammy, 2005, “Musicology” (Best Traditional R&B Performance)

  • Grammy, 2008, “Future Baby Momma” (Best Male R&B Vocal Performance)

  • MTV Video Music Award, 1986, “Raspberry Beret” (Best Choreography in a Music Video)

  • MTV Video Music Award, 1988, “U Got The Look” (Best Male Video)

  • MTV Video Music Award, 1988, “U Got The Look” (Best Stage Performance in a Video)

  • MTV Video Music Award, 1992, “Cream” (Best Dance Video)

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