“Frozen Summer Games” set to Storm Blizzard Beach; Kristoff and Olaf Joining In

As previously mentioned, Kristoff and Olaf will be catching some rays all summer long at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park. Walt Disney World is capitalizing on the 4-day Memorial Day weekend by rolling out a flurry of offerings in addition to the Summer Games; see Animal Kingdom’s plans & a new movie hitting the big screen.

Starting May 27th, some of Arendelle’s “coolest” characters will now be visiting the land that was once dominated by a freak snowstorm. Guests will be able to join either Team Kristoff or Team Olaf, while participating in several snow-inspired games.

The Frozen Festivities include:

  • Ice Pail Relays where teams line up and pass pails of water to one another, trying to be the first to fill a container at the end.

  • A “Snowball” Toss where pairs compete in a snow-themed water balloon toss.

  • Ski Pole Limbo, a snowy twist on traditional limbo—using a ski pole as the limbo bar!

  • Slide Races that allow teams to race down one of the signature water slides at Blizzard Beach.

Kids are sure to have an (n)ice time playing these games and staying cool at one of Disney’s two water parks. These two Frozen buddies will be hanging out at the ski slopes closest to the equator through August 31st.

PS: Kristoff will be sporting a NEW outfit from the end of Frozen and the Frozen Fever short film. Up until his first appearance at Blizzard Beach, he’s only been seen in his ice harvesting wardrobe; a pleasant surprise for sure.
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