Hollywood Studios to Open New Mickey & Minnie Location May 8th

Mickey and Minnie will be appearing in new locations at Hollywood Studios on May 8th.

“Red Carpet Dreams” will be right next to Celebrity Spotlight where Olaf currently meets. Minnie will be showcasing a band new, fabulous pink dress with glimmering accessories. Minnie setting is just what you think of when imagining Hollywood celebrities. Only top-notch and high class offerings coming from this new meet and greet with Ms. Minnie.

As for Mickey, he’ll be rocking is ever-so-popular Fantasia robe. When entering the “Red Carpet Dreams” to make memories with Mickey Mouse, guests will be immersed into a regal setting, emulating a castle.

One character effected by Minnie’s relocation is Pluto. The lovable pup currently meets at Center Stage during the day, but starting Sunday, he will be moving to The Stars of Disney Jr. location.
Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 5.25.26 PM

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