Interact with Characters From “Finding Dory” at EPCOT

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 4.44.45 PMJust over a month until Finding Dory hits theater (June 17), and EPCOT is doing their fair share to integrate Pixar’s newest film into the parks.

Starting May 6th, guests will be able to interact with characters from the underwater adventure over at “Turtle Talk” located near “The Seas with Nemo and Friends” 

“Turtle Talk” appears right in a tank of the aquarium, providing a question-and-answer setting for curious children. Right now, only Dory and Crush are featured in the 15-minute segment, more characters will be added on Friday May 6th.

In this revamped attraction, Dory and Crush will be joined by:  Hank the 7-legged octopus, Bailey the Beluga Whale and Destiny the Whale Shark. Some hidden characters also said to be included (maybe some of those adorable little sea otters).

Some new characters in the sequel include:
Eugene and Jenny (Dory’s Parents)
Hank the Seveptopus (seven-legged Octopus)
Becky the Loon Bird
Fluke and Rudder the Sea Lions
Destiny the Whale Shark
Bailey the Beluga

Make sure you swim on down to “The Seas with Nemo and Friends” before they embark on their newest journey in theaters next month.







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