Brie Larson in Talks to Star in ‘Captain Marvel’

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Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson could very well become Captain Marvel.

According to Variety, Marvel is in early talks with Larson for the franchise’s standalone movie. Variety also reports that Larson is likely to accept the offer and jump into the Marvel cinematic universe. Larsen won an Oscar for her performance in “Room” and also plays a major role in the upcoming Kong: Skill Island.

With the way Marvel has been doing things lately, expect an announcement soon because Captain Marvel will likely be introduced in another movie before her own movie hits the big screen.

With no director as of yet, Meg LeFauve (writer of Inside Out) and Nicole Perlman are in place to write the script. Producer Kevin Feige is also on the team for this project.

Background on the superhero:

Carol Danvers (soon to be known as Captain Marvel) is an air force pilot whose DNA fuses with an alien during an accident; resulting in super human strength, energy project and the ability to fly. She was formerly affiliated with X-Men, but now belongs with the Avengers. Danvers was born in Boston, MA and has held numerous professional occupations: National Aeronautics and Space Administration security Chief, magazine editor, freelance writer, and military intelligence officer.

Captain Marvel is slated to hit theaters sometime in 2019.

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