IN DEPTH: Documents, Permits Confirm Disney is Working on Cable Car Transportation System

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Walt Disney World originally filed permits in February to begin working on a cable car system.

The documents submitted to the Orange County Comptroller’s Office signalled that construction could begin as early as spring 2017, and a new cable car/gondola system would feature as many as six stops across the resort.

Those stops include:

  • Disney’s Boardwalk Resort


  • Hollywood Studios

  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

  • Pop Century

  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

 Vehicle Details:

  • Each cab will be able to hold ten passengers

  • Cabs continuously circulate throughout the track, much like a ski-lift, with the ability to stop every 10 seconds

  • Gondolas will be able to carry anywhere from 800-3,000 passengers every hour, in each direction

With Disney parks growing each and every year, and a Star Wars expansion underway, the company is always looking for ways to expedite transportation time and expand their capacity.

There is no timetable for when this project will be completed.

A handful of cities across the globe are now using aerial gondolas because it helps get people off the street and on the move to their destination quickly.

Hong Kong, Venezuela, Bolivia, London, Algeria and other places are expanding on this form of transportation.

The system in Bolivia is the tallest in the world and moves nearly 2 million people per month.

Here’s how it works:

Cities in the United States have proposed the idea, but the plan never generated enough steam in order to get approved.

Here’s a news report of when lawmakers in Austin, Texas made the pitch for this aerial form of transportation:

Even Venezuela is getting in on the new form of transportation. The Caracas Metrocable, designed by Urban Think Tank, helped save nearly 1/3 of the city’s population from being displaced by using a form of aerial transportation rather than building roadways across the land.

Preserving land would be key in Disney’s development, allowing room for more hotels, attractions, rides and park expansions rather than highways and connecting roads.
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