ShopDisney Starts Selling Banshees from Pandora – The World of Avatar

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One of the most highly coveted souvenirs can now be found online.

ShopDisney is now selling Banshees from Pandora – The World of Avatar.

The Ikran companions can be found in a multitude of colors, so guests have plenty of choices for which pet they want to rest on their shoulder as they roam through the parks– or anywhere in the world for that matter.

When Pandora – The World of Avatar first opened in 2017, Banshees were wiped off the shelves as people flocked to the gift shops in hopes of getting them. Now the product is back in stock and available for those who didn’t have the chance to buy them while visiting Animal Kingdom’s expansion.

“We at the Pandora Conservation Initiative are thrilled to present you with your very own banshee, an animal that symbolizes our commitment to living in harmony with the natural world. The banshee is very important to the Na’vi, the indigenous inhabitants of Pandora. They call it an ikran in their Na’vi language, and each Na’vi hunter forms a lifelong bond with an ikran. We hope that you will bond with your banshee as well – please know that you are now part of a community around the world made up of those who have chosen to take responsibility for their very own banshees… Thank you for joining us in our efforts to protect both Pandora and the amazing planet Earth on which you live.”  –  Certificate of Authenticity

Here’s whats included with the purchase:

  • Certificate of Authenticity Interactive Banshee toy with sounds and movement
  • Lifelike skin, ”airbrushed” effect features, and translucent wing accents*
  • Wired controller for neck, mouth, and wing movement (neck swivels, mouth opens, wings expand)
  • Stabilizer clip and belt clip for controller
  • On/Off button under Banshee’s belly activates sounds
  • Shoulder perch with magnetic attachment (base slips under shirt to secure on shoulder)
  • Complete instructions
  • Packaging with Na’vi weaving designs by artist Daphne Yap
  • As seen in Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Banshees are priced at $84.99.

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