Annual Passholder “Churro Challenge” Coming to Disney California Adventure May 14

DLR Churro
As Disneyland Resort continues to roll out a wide variety of food items, there’s now an incentive for annual passholders to try everything.

Starting May 14, AP’s will be able to pick up a Churro Challenge Prize Map at any of the participating churros locations. Once complete, participants can turn their map in at the the AP corner in Paradise Gardens for a commemorative button.

Here’s where the churro trail takes you:

  • Coco Churro, a spiced cocoa treat – at Frontierland Churro Cart
  • Kevin’s Churro, a fruity lemon delight – at Town Square Churro Cart, Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Presto Rabbit Churro, a carrot cake lover’s dream – at New Orleans Square Churro Cart
  • Ants on a Log Churro, a donut-iced cocoa cereal concoction – at “a bug’s land” Churro Cart

DLR Churro Challenge

Maps to play at $5 and churros are sold separately.

This offering runs from May 14 – June 8, 2018.

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