New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Shows Frozen, Hercules and Wreck-It Ralph Worlds & New Summons

As we learned in day one of the E3 video game conferenceKingdom Hearts III is coming to XboxOne and PS4 January 2019, 2019— and now Square Enix is giving us a closer look at new world and summons!

The game will feature worlds inspired by movies like FrozenWreck-It Ralph and Hercules.

The new trailer released on day 2 of E3 also shows in-depth glimpses of each of the three, as well as new summons like Elsa’s ice monster, Marshmallow.

As previously confirmed, the game will also feature the world of Pixar’s Toy Story and Monster’s Inc.

People at E3 also say Remy from Ratatouille will be an available summon.

Kingdom Hearts III hits shelves January 29, 2019.

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