REVIEW: “Incredibles 2” is a Seamless Sequel and Great Fun for Whole Family

It may have taken 14 years, but many Incredibles fans will say the sequel was worth the wait.

One of the best traits about Incredibles 2 is that it’s a seamless sequel. The second movie picks up where the first left off and provides enough backstory through flashbacks that people who hadn’t seen the first installment can still enjoy this movie as a standalone film.

Director Brad Bird and company did a great job of creating a relatable element to this film with the Parr family. The super family of five go through the same trials and tribulations as many modern day families in terms of constant bickering amongst siblings, parents arguing over responsibilities and then ultimately coming through for one-another in a time of need.

The 1 hour and 58 minute film evenly splits screen time between Elastigirl, who is the star superhero of this film, and the rest of the Parr family. In addition to some new and important superheroes like Voyd & Krushauer and an unexpected villain,  Incredibles 2 gives nostalgic fans a blast from the past with appearances from Frozone and the queen of fashion, Edna Mode.

Superwannabes Incredibles 2

This movie mainly focuses on the development of the three Parr children: Violet, Dash and Jack Jack. Violet goes through the typical teenage girl troubles of life in terms of finding romance, but has the difficult task of hiding her superpower background with the world. Meanwhile Dash still has trouble with homework and as for Jack Jack, well, the whole family learns he has some pretty wild powers in the film.

Jack Jack could very well be considered the star of the film, with a handful of “awwww so cute” moments, some funny animations (especially with a raccoon) and Edna Mode. The evolution of this adorable baby and the spontaneity of his powers leads to good fun and laughter throughout the film.

Jack Jack Edna Mode Incredibles 2.png

Despite previously stating there’s an unexpected villains, the presence of the villain is a flaw in the movie. Without spoiling the film, it’s nice to see Disney’s Pixar hone in on a political landscape and choose a villain that could exist in today’s society, but, if you’ve seen Big Hero 6, the reveal of the villain is lackluster.

Overall, Incredibles 2 has many positives and is one of the better sequels under the Pixar umbrella. The realistic vibe from the Parr family, mixed with a relatable topic involving political issues and trying to fix them and adding in super heroes– it’s a combination for success at the box office this year. The film doesn’t disappoint.

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