Disneyland is Taking Part in a Fried Chicken Celebration From July 6-8

Disneyland Fried Chicken
Fried food might be a southern thing– but it’s taking over the happiest place on Earth during first full weekend of July.

Disneyland Resort is hosting their inaugural Fried Chicken Celebration from July 6-8. The crunchy, yet juicy food can be found in two locations: Plaza in and Flo’s V8 Cafe.


“Our [Plaza Inn] sweet and savory brined chicken is lightly coated in a secret flour blend of garlic and spices, then fried under pressure to create a delicate and magical crunch. This simple approach known as ‘broasting’ results in a distinct deep golden brown color and crispy exterior, and an unbelievably juicy interior.”

– Chef Jonny Hall, culinary director at Disneyland

National Fried Chicken Day is officially July 6.

Disneyland is asking everyone to join-in on the National Fried Chicken Day celebration by using the hashtag: #FriedChickenCelebration.

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