Disneyland Paris Launches 10-Month Pilot Program for Dog-Friendly Hotel

Man’s best friend is now allowed to tag along for the family vacation at Disneyland Paris.

From now through April 1st, 2019, dogs are welcome to Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch.

The price?

£26 per per dog, per night.

With the fee, pet owners will receive a welcome kit consisting of a dog collar, a disposable carpet, a poop scoop, a door hanger and two Disney bowls. You can also request a cage at concierge if you don’t want your dog to have free reign of the hotel while you’re at the parks.

There are restrictions as to what breeds are allowed at Disneyland Paris:

Dogs considered dangerous, as defined by French law, are not allowed. Today, dangerous dogs in France are classified in 2 categories:

Category 1: attack dogs – Dogs whose appearance is of American Staffordshire Terrier (pit-bulls), Mastiff (boerbulls) and Tosa types (i.e. without pedigree). It is prohibited to bring these dogs into France

Category 2: defense and guard dogs – Dogs of American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, and Tosa breeds (i.e. with pedigree), and dogs of a Rottweiler type (without pedigree).

Some requirements upon check-in include:

  • Up-to-date vaccination card (which includes a proof of rabies vaccination
  • Dog must be identifiable by electronic chip or tattoo

It’s worth noting that Walt Disney World launched a similar program, which is ending in October.

If you wish to book a stay for you and your pup, you can by calling 08448 008 898.

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