Pop Century Adds Pizazz to Menu with Artisanal Pizzas

Order up!

Pop Century is spicing up their menu with a trio of new artisanal pizzas.

One of the new choices is the Tomato and Cheese Please, featuring a 4-cheese blend, teardrop tomatoes, baby arugula and an olive oil drizzle.

Tomato and Cheese Please

Another option is the Applewood Bacon Pizza, where bacon is the star of the show. In addition to massive strips, there’s also a roasted garlic spread and extra cheese.

Applewood Bacon Pizza

The third new option is the Summertime pizza, topped with BBQ pulled chicken, caramel ones Onondaga and BBQ sauce.

Summertime Pizza

Everything POP Shopping and Dining is open daily from 6 a.m. – 12 a.m.

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