Baby Mandrill Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom family continues to grow.

It’s newest addition?

A baby mandrill.

Dak Mandriill

Disney says the young monkey was born Wednesday and is part of a bigger species survival plan (SSP), aiming to ensure the responsible breeding of threatened and endangered animals.

Right now, mandrills are listed as a “vulnerable” species.

“There are many reasons why I’m excited to be an SSP coordinator for mandrills. I love helping zoos, including our own, and I love the success stories. As a two-time mom and also a surrogate mother, Scarlett is an example of how we’re helping a vulnerable species thrive, and it’s thrilling to watch her family grow.”

– Rebecca Phillips, Animal Operations manager

As far as the new baby mandrill, the gender and exact birth weight is unknown because experts are letting the baby and it’s mother bond before testing.

Guests are able to see the baby, Scarlett (mother) and Winston (father) on the Kilimanjaro Safaris.


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