FIRST LOOK: Mickey and Minnie Rock New Overlays for 90th Birthday Celebration

90 years of Mickey Mouse is set to be celebrated all around the globe.

Despite turning 90 years old in November, Disney Parks and Disney Cruise Line will be partying throughout 2019.

Here’s a first look at what the big cheese himself and Minnie Mouse will be wearing for the big occasion.

“The looks that Mickey and Minnie will be wearing to celebrate their 90th anniversary represent all of the colorful exuberance of a party and birthday party decorations, complete with confetti, balloons, pompons, streamers and more! These playful bursts of color and texture are set against crisp white, meant to evoke the nostalgic feeling of frosting, crisp linens and tissue paper.”

Joe Kucharski, Senior Costume Designer

The new outfits will be seen at the “Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It! Street Party,” debuting January 18 at Walt Disney World.

WDW will also be hosting Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Celebration at Magic Kingdom, which is a limited-time celebration that including new entertainment, merchandise and specialty food.

They will also be featured at:

  • Hong Kong Disneyland beginning November 18
  • Shanghai Disneyland on November 18 only
  • Disneyland Resort beginning January 2019 
  • Disney Cruise Line summer 2019

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