Star Wars Adds First Female Sith Lord to New Canon

Star Wars is taking “girl power” to a whole new level.

The comics are introducing the first-ever female Sith Master in the franchise’s new canon.

Lady Shaa makes her debut in Darth Vader #22, the story that started by bringing Vader face-to-face with the spirit of Sith Lord Momin, added to the Star Wars movie canon recently.

Shaa lived prior to the Galactic Empire and began wielding two red lightsabers once she reaches Sith status.

She her tales about Momin… and eventually went to free him after he was imprisoned for his creations.


Momin then became Shaa’s apprentice, but didn’t like how she thought she was his master. The two duels, Momin was equipped with a mask he created and slated Shaa. Momin then used resources he took from Shaa to become stronger.

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