Funko Figures Confirm Captain Marvel’s Catty Sidekick Will be in the Film

Chewie the cat is coming to the cinematic universe — but seems to have a new name.

Funko released images of its upcoming Pop! figure line and Carol Danvers’ (Captain Marvel) feline companion, this time named Goose, gets a figure all to herself.

In the comics the animal was actually a Flerken, an alien species that resembles cats of earth.

Carol named it Chewie as she reminded her of the fan-favorite Star Wars sidekick. In the movie, Chewie is now Goose, probably a reference to Top Gun, which Carol’s Air Force scenes in the trailer heavily reference.

Funko is also crafting figures based on Samuel L. Jackson’s younger Nick Fury, Ben Mendelsohn’s shapeshifting Skrull villain Talos, Lashana Lynch’s Air Force pilot Maria Rambeau, Jude Law’s mystery Starforce commander, and lots and lots of Larson’s Carol.

There’s Carol in her Air Force uniform, Starforce uniform, mohawk Starforce uniform, Captain Marvel uniform, mohawk Captain Marvel uniform, Carol going supernova, and riding a motorcycle.

The Funko Pop! figures will arrive in stores this January ahead of the film’s release on March 8.

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