First Look at Christy Carlson Romano in the Live-Action “Kim Possible” Movie

The original Kim Possible is returning for the live-action version.

People released the first official image of Romano in the live-action Kim Possible.

Romano is set to play a new character named Poppy Blu, a famous pop star and friend of Kim’s who offers to give her a lift from time to time.

“I’m here to pick Kim up because Kim doesn’t have a driver’s license. She doesn’t have her driver’s license, but she needs to get rides from the Marines or famous people, if you remember, to get to her missions. Kim is just like every teenager, but she happens to know some really important people, and Poppy Blu happens to be one of those important people.

– Christy Carlson Roman via People

Kim Possible is set to premiere on Disney Channel on February 15th

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