“Pixar Pals” Parking Structure & Security Tents Coming to Disneyland

As Disneyland continues to build their park for bigger crowds, Imagineers are following through with Project Stardust.

In order to hold more people, Disneyland is working on a new parking structure, adjacent to Mickey & Friends.

The new structure will be called Pixar Pals, featuring familiar friends from Disney•Pixar films such as “Coco,” “Monsters, Inc.” and “Inside Out”!

More than 5,000 parking spaces will be available within the structure and will feature electric parking technology.

Pixar Pals is expected to open sometime in July 2019.

The Toy Story parking lot is also expanding– with more than 2,000 additional parking spaces and additional entrances.

Disneyland will also be adding security-screening tents before guests board the Toy Story parking lot shuttles to eliminate screening in the esplanade outside the theme parks at peak times.

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