New Animated Series “The Bravest Knight” Coming to Hulu in June

There’s a new animated original series coming to Hulu in JuneZ

The Bravest Knight will air on the streaming service, a new division of The Walt Disney Company.

The show is based on a popular children’s book by Daniel Errico: The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived. It chronicles a young pumpkin farmer’s adventure as he attempts to become the bravest knight who ever lived.

The Bravest Knight is breaking boundaries, featuring a household with two dads (Sir Cedric and Prince Andrew), making it one of the first children’s television series with an openly gay main character.

Sir Cedric shares his story with his adopted 10-year-old daughter Nia, on how he transformed from day-time farmer to full-fledged knight.

Nia, who is training to become a brave knight herself, learns important values such as honor, justice and compassion; proving that knighthood is much more than slaying dragons.

The voice cast includes:

  • T.R. Knight as Sir Cedric
  • Bobby Moynihan as young Cedric’s troll sidekick Grunt
  • Storm Reid as Not-Yet-Knight, Nia
  • RuPaul
  • Christine Baranski
  • Wanda Sykes
  • Wilson Cruz
  • Teri Polo
  • Steven Weber
  • Donna Murphy
  • AJ McLean
  • Dot-Marie Jones
  • Maz Jobrani
  • Chance Hurstfield

Hulu has ordered 13 episodes of The Bravest Knight from Big Bad Boo Studio.

The first five episodes will premiere on Hulu on June 21, followed by additional episodes later this year.

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