“Duffy’s Sunny Fun” Coming to Tokyo Disney Resort June 6

Duffy is hosting a limited time celebration at Tokyo Disney Resort this summer.

Starting June 6, guests will be able to experience Duffy’s Summer Fun.

The event will feature photo-ops throughout Tokyo DisneySea:

In this area you will find a new photo location where you can enjoy drinks and ice cream under colorful beach umbrellas and take pictures with Duffy who are dressed in swimwear and playing on the beach. In addition, Duffy’s formed in watermelon, the mark which played on the sandy beach is decorated, and the decoration which seems to enjoy summer appears

Duffy and ShellieMay will greet guests in new Sunny Fun overlays for the special occasion, they can be found at Cape Cod Cookoff Side (Duffy) and Village Greeting Place (ShellieMay):

There will also be special merchandise.

Stuffed toys (¥4,800):

Stuffed toy badge (¥2,000):

Stuffed toy strap (¥1,800):

T-shirt (¥3,200):

Hats (¥3,500):

Sunglasses (¥2,000):

Fan (¥2,300):

Camera strap (¥3,400)

Pass case (¥3,400):

Shopping bag (¥3,900):

Pass case (¥1,900)

Pouch (¥2,300):

Beach towel (¥4,000)

Popsicle mold (¥2,300):

Tumbler (¥3,200)

Cushion (¥4,300):

Garland (¥2,100):

Wash towel (¥800):

Mini-towel (¥2,900):

Hand gel (¥1,800):

Keychain (¥2,800):

Postcard (¥500):

Notepad (¥1,200):

Shopping bag (¥750):

Assorted tea (¥1,200):

Assorted cookies (¥1,300):

Assorted sweets (¥1,800)

Snack pasta (¥1,000)

Cream-filled biscuit (¥900):

Assorted chocolate (¥1,700):

Like many Disney events Duffy’s Sunny Fun will have special food offerings.

Souvenir coaster (¥600):

Strawberry and orange mousse in a souvenir cup (¥900):

Baumkuchen bar with plate of souvenirs (¥900):

Souvenir Ad Link Bottle (¥1,000):

Souvenir cup (¥450):

Souvenir lunch bag (¥1,100):

Mango ice (¥300):

Duffy’s Sunny Fun kicks off June 6 at Tokyo DisneySea.

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