Character Spot, Innoventions & Club Cool All Closing at Epcot This Fall, Disney Says

The massive Epcot overhaul is set to hit the ground running this fall.

As we’ve seen numerous changes around the park recently, like the removal of the monoliths, construction in the France Pavilion and the abrupt end to The Circle is Life: An Environmental Fable, more changes are coming this September.

Epcot staples like Club Cool, Innoventions and Character Spot will close their current locations on September 8th, according to Disney.

Here’s the Club Cool confirmation, but note that Disney says the experience will reopen in a different capacity:

Here’s the confirmation for Innoventions, with none of the attractions relocating:

Here’s the confirmation for Character Spot:

Disney has announced a full lineup of meet and greet alternatives for when Character Spot closes:

  • Minnnie Mouse will meet at the World Showcase Gazebo
  • Daisy Duck will move to the American Adventure
  • Mickey and Goofy will meet in Innoventions West temporarily while a new location is developed
  • Mickey will eventually meet in new Imagination! Pavilion while Goofy gets a different in-park location
  • Joy will move to a new location
  • Pooh and Tigger will return to their original meet and greet location in the United Kingdom

* Disney did not comment on the future of Baymax or Sadness, leading us to believe they will no longer meet.

You can read more about the future changes coming to Epcot here: Epcot Transformation.

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