RUMOR: Tesla & Disney to Team Up with Plans to Make Tomorrowland Speedway Electric

The Walt Disney Company is believed to be holding talks with Tesla Inc. to completely overhaul Tomorrowland Speedway, according to Electrek.

Tesla, a company known for their futuristic and eco-friendly take on the automotive industry, is looking to change the gas-powered cars to “Tesla Model S for Kids” battery powered ride-on car built by Radio Flyer.


Radio Flyer is the 100 year-old American toy company that gave us the immortal “little red wagon” in 1917. It introduced the Tesla Model S for Kids in 2016.
The Disney-Tesla partnership will promote electric transport and give today’s kids — and tomorrow’s car owners — all the more reason to buy Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) when they grow-up.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted this tweet earlier this week, which seemingly hints at a partnership:

The Tesla Model S for Kids was created in cooperation with Tesla. It’s powered by a Tesla-branded lithium ion battery pack.

This kiddie car also has a charger that resembles Tesla’s own Wall Connector, working headlights, and a functional “frunk” (front trunk) where kids can store their things.

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