Disneyland Paris Announces Details for Frozen Celebration

Frozen is set to take over Disneyland Paris from the January 11, 2020 through May 3, 2020.

Disneyland Paris revealed new details about the park-wide celebration at DLP’s Media Expo 2020, where they unveiled a multitude of plans and events for next year.

Disneyland Paris Media Expo 2020

Promotional art for the event shows Anna and Elsa in new overlays, which have never been seen before in a Disney Park.

DLP Frozen Celebration

Here’s what guests can expect for Frozen at Disneyland Paris:

Before the celebration kicks off, on 17 November 2019, a brand-new interactive adventure will open its doors at Animation Celebration in Walt Disney Studios Park: Frozen: A Musical Invitation.

Guests will also be able to meet Olaf at Animation celebration.

DLP Frozen Olaf Meet

During the Frozen Celebration, a new show that will take place four times a day on the parade route featuring Anna, Elsa, Krystoff, Olaf, Sven, dancers & acrobats. There will also be a new float to help bring the story to life.

DLP Frozen Parade

Frozen Celebration will also bring special snacks, merchandise and more to Disneyland Paris throughout 2020.

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