“Toy Story 4” Director Discusses Alternate Ending for Bo Peep & Woody

One of the bonus features on Toy Story 4’s upcoming release includes a wild alternate ending that would have upended the entire narrative arc of the fourth installment of the franchise.

In the finished movie, Woody made the shocking decision to split off from his longtime companions, choosing to live an owner-less life on the road with fellow rogue Bo Peep.

In this alternate ending, however, Bo’s “Who needs a kid?” mentality completely vanishes when she realizes that “the kid from the store” — presumably Harmony, whom we know as the human albatross that Gabby Gabby spent much of the finished movie chasing — is actually the kid for her, the one to get her off the road and back in a bedroom where she believes she belongs.

Toy Story 4 is available digitally on Oct. 1 and on Blu-ray Oct. 8.

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