Disney Skyliner Malfunctions; Strands Guests for Hours

The Disney Skyliner, Walt Disney World’s newest form of transportation, experiences it’s first major setback on October 5th.

Riders were stranded for hours above Walt Disney World, and first responders were called in during the unexpected downtime.

The malfunction happened on the Epcot-Riviera-Caribbean Beach line and the outage lasted about 4 hours.

One rider poster a video on social media where it appears two gondolas collided at the Riviera Resort stop.

WFTV (ABC affiliate) reporter Cierra Putnam was onboard one of the gondolas, she says guests were instructed to open the emergency kits. Here’s what was found inside:

First responders were onsite throughout the night:

Here’s another photo from someone on the ground:

WFTV meteorologist Tom Terry shared this photo of first responders from outside the gondolas.

Spectrum News13 obtained a statement from Disney regarding the outage:

“One of the three Disney Skyliner routes experienced an unexpected downtime Saturday evening. As a result, the Skyliner will be closed while we look into the details surrounding this downtime. We apologize for this situation, and we are working with each guest individually regarding impacts to their visit with us.” 

– Disney Communications

This morning, October 6th, the Disney Skyliner remains closed.

Here’s our review from our experience riding the Skyliner before it official opened September 27, 2019: Disney Skyliner Experience

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