911 Calls Released from the Night the Disney Skyliner Malfunctioned

It’s been weeks since the Disney Skyliner malfunctioned, leaving guests stranded in the air for upwards of three hours, and newly released 911 calls are giving insight of what was going on inside the cabins.

WESH obtained more than a dozen calls showing the frustrations and demand for answers from guests.

Here’s what some of the calls included:

“We’re stuck on the Disney Skyliner. It’s going on two hours now and we’re not really, we’re getting some automated message saying that we’re moving shortly,” a caller told a 911 operator.

“Is anybody having a medical emergency in your car?” an emergency operator asked.

“No everybody is OK. We just, I mean,” the caller said

“I understand. I know you’ve been in there for probably over two hours right now. We do have help on the way. They are trying to get it up and running and we have our units standing by,” the operator responds.

According to WESH, several callers did report medical emergencies.

One said a man passed out, while another was reported to be with an unconscious woman.

Ultimately, only a few people were rescued by firefighters.

A majority were forced to wait more than three hours until park staff got the Skyliner running again.

No one was seriously injured.

The Skyliner is now up and running once again– and Disney recently released statements acknowledging what they continue to call the situation as a “malfunction.”

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