Photos Show Costumes, Props & Other Items Stolen from Disney World

Months after authorities arrested a 24-year-old for stealing and selling costumes & props from Magic Kingdom attractions, they are finally showing us what was taken.

Patrick Spikes, a former Disney employee, was arrested in May on allegations of stealing and selling $7,000 worth of costumes from the Haunted Mansion, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s Office arrest affidavit.

Spikes, who faces charges of burglary of an occupied structure, dealing in stolen property and grand theft, has pleaded not guilty.

One series of photos shows a pink, two-piece costume, possibly taken from an audio animatronic character, labeled, A.A. Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion.

Other photos show a woman, identified as a friend of Spikes, wearing the costume.

You can view all of the photos acquired by WKMG here: Photos of Stolen Props & Attractions

A photo on Spikes’ phone showed merchandise that had been stolen from the Haunted Mansion, officials said.

There are also photos of him wearing wigs he’s accused of stealing.

In a video also released by authorities, investigators confront Spikes about the photos.

“How about this? I’m about to walk out and if you guys want to talk, I’m going to come back with my attorney,” Spikes said.

“OK. Keep the car there. We’re keeping your phone,” a detective replied.

At that point, the video shows Spikes grabbing for his phone and investigators tackling him.

“Am I under arrest?” Spikes asked as he was on the ground. “I’m not under arrest or am I under arrest?”

Later, Spikes asks if he can call his mother.

“You’re an adult, correct?” the detective asks him.

“Yeah,” Spikes said.

“I’m not calling your mom. Stay there, OK?” the detective said. “You have simple instructions. You don’t want to follow them, so we’re going to do that. But you’re not going to destroy evidence.”

On April 26, investigators contacted a man who said he bought Haunted Mansion merchandise from Spikes, according to the affidavit. The man told police Spikes said he had been able to obtain the items from Disney with permission, according to the affidavit.

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