Here’s the List of 79 Cast Members Featured in “One Day at Disney”

At D23 Expo 2019, Disney announced a new collaboration between Disney Publishing Worldwide and Disney+ highlighting one day in the life of 79 Disney Cast Members and employees all over the world.

One Day at Disney is a 224-page coffee table book highlighting the 76 photoshoots that all occurred on the same day, as well as an exclusive docuseries headed to Disney+.

Check out the full list of Disney Cast Members and employees featured in the book and series:

  1. Alfredo Ayala: Walt Disney Imagineering—Executive, Research & Development
  2. Alice Taylor: The Walt Disney Studios—Vice President, Content Innovation and StudioLAB
  3. Amanda Lauder: Disney Springs—Chef Chocolatier at The Ganachery
  4. Angela Morales: Aulani—Resort Performer (“Aunty”) and Live Music Coordinator
  5. Anthony Anderson: ABC—Star and Executive Producer of black•ish
  6. Ashley Girdich: Walt Disney Imagineering—Technical Program Manager, Research & Development
  7. Billy Ray Chubbs: Lucasfilm—Motion Capture Performer and Receptionist
  8. Bob Iger: Chairman & CEO, The Walt Disney Company
  9. Brie Larson: Actor in Captain Marvel
  10. Bryce Dallas Howard: Director of Episode 4 of The Mandalorian on Disney+
  11. Candice Valdez: Radio Disney—On-Air Talent
  12. Carlton Fu: Shanghai Disney Resort—Team Manager, Attraction Engineering Services
  13. Chris Cristi: KABC Los Angeles—Helicopter Reporter
  14. Cyril Soreau: Disneyland Paris—Fruit and Vegetable Sculptor
  15. Dana Amendola: Disney Theatrical Productions—Vice President, Operations
  16. David Muir: ABC News, Anchor and Managing Editor, ABC World News Tonight
  17. Ebony Winski: Disneyland Resort—Princess Tiana in Mickey and the Magical Map
  18. Ed Fritz: Walt Disney Imagineering—Ride Engineering Executive
  19. Ellen Pompeo: ABC—Star and Producer of Grey’s Anatomy
  20. Eric Baker: Walt Disney Imagineering—Creative Director
  21. Eric Goldberg: Walt Disney Animation Studios—Animator and Director
  22. Eric Stonestreet: ABC—Actor on Modern Family
  23. Este Meza: Lucasfilm Senior Events Manager
  24. Fabian Dib: Disney Cruise Line—Captain
  25. Fabiola M Kersul de Salles: Walt Disney World—PhotoPass Photographer
  26. Francheska Roman: Disneyland Resort—Candy Maker
  27. Gabriela Clark: Walt Disney Studios—Senior Manager, Creative Print Services
  28. George Montano: Disneyland Resort—Staff Shop, General Lead
  29. George Pennacchio: KABC Los Angeles—Entertainment Reporter
  30. Grace Lee: Disney Publishing Worldwide—Senior Illustration Manager
  31. Heather Bartleson: Walt Disney World—Senior Facilities Coordinator, Holiday Services
  32. Jackie Ma: Hong Kong Disneyland—Senior Arborist
  33. Jason Benetti: ESPN—Play-by-Play Announcer/Analyst
  34. Jerome Ranft: Pixar Studios—Sculptor
  35. Jesse Tyler Ferguson: ABC—Actor on Modern Family
  36. Jon Favreau: Executive Producer of The Mandalorian on Disney+
  37. Jose Zelaya: Disney Television Animation—Character Designer
  38. Joseph Hernandez: Disneyland Resort—Mark Twain Riverboat Attraction Working Lead
  39. Juan Estrella: The Walt Disney Studios Lot in Burbank—Security Guard
  40. Justin Tse: Shanghai Disney Resort—Area Manager, Costuming and Walt Disney Grand Theatre Wardrobe Supervisor
  41. Kae Namiki: Tokyo Disneyland—Stage Manager, Show Operations (pictured above)
  42. Katie Whetsell: Disney’s Animal Kingdom—Principal Actor in Finding Nemo—The Musical
  43. Kenneth Ko: Hong Kong Disneyland—Pavement Art Team Leader and Custodial Guest Services Manager
  44. Korey Amrine: Adventures By Disney—Tour Guide
  45. Kris Becker: Disney’s Animal Kingdom—Animal Keeper
  46. Kristina Dewberry: Walt Disney Imagineering—Construction Manager—Logistics, Disneyland Overall
  47. Laura Cabo: Walt Disney Imagineering—Portfolio Creative Executive
  48. Leah Buono: Disney Channel—Executive Direction, Casting
  49. Leslie Evans: Walt Disney Imagineering—Manager, Research & Development
  50. Lois Hammersley: Walt Disney World—Attractions Hostess
  51. Lupe De Santiago: Disneyland Resort—Audio-Animatronics®Special Projects Lead
  52. Manon Teissier Du Cros: Disneyland Paris—Pastry Chef at Walt’s—An American Restaurant
  53. Marc Smith: Walt Disney Animation Studios—Director of Story for Frozen 2
  54. Mark Gonzales: Disneyland Resort—Steam Locomotive Engineer
  55. Maxine Shepard: ABC—Production Designer for Black•ish
  56. Michael Illardi: Walt Disney Imagineering—Principal Research & Development Imagineer
  57. Mike Davie: Walt Disney Imagineering—Project Manager Principal
  58. Morgan Pope: Walt Disney Imagineering—Associate Research Scientest, Research & Development
  59. Natalie Mylniczenco: Disney’s Animal Kingdom—Veterinarian, Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment (pictured above)
  60. Nate Moore: Marvel Studios—Vice President, Development and Production
  61. Nontra Null: Consumer Products—Design Manager, Softlines Product Development
  62. Pablo Tufino: Disney’s Animal Kingdom—Foreman, Computer Ride Show Tech
  63. Patti Murin: Disney Theatrical Productions—Plays the role of Anna in Frozen on Broadway
  64. Pavan “Billy” Komkai: ESPN+—Manager, Broadcast Engineering
  65. Peter Dufour: Walt Disney World—Security Host
  66. Rob Richards: El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood—House Organist
  67. Robin Roberts: ABC—Co-Anchor, Good Morning America (pictured above)
  68. Ryan Meinerding: Marvel Studios—Head of Visual Development
  69. Sage Steele: ESPN—SportsCenter Anchor (pictured above)
  70. Scot Drake: Walt Disney Imagineering—Creative Executive, Marvel Global Portfolio
  71. Sidney Bain: Disney Cruise Line—Tram Coordinator/Trainer/Pest Control Operator, Castaway Cay
  72. Sofia Wylie: Disney Channel—Actor in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+ (pictured above in front row far right)
  73. Stephanie Carrol: Walt Disney World—Ranch Hand
  74. Steve Sligh: Walt Disney Studios Operations—Senior. Manager, Golden Oak Ranch
  75. Thom Self: Disneyland Resort—Attraction Machinist
  76. Tia Kratter: Pixar Studios—Manager, Art & Film Education, Pixar University
  77. Tony Salvaggio: Disneyland Resort—Park Decorator, Window Display Team
  78. Vince Caro: Pixar Studios—Senior Recording/Mixing Engineer
  79. Zamavuso (Zama) Magudulela: Disney Theatrical Productions—Rafiki in the Madrid production of The Lion King

Both the book and the series will be available on December 3.

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