REVIEW: “Noelle” is a Must-See Christmas Film & Proves Disney+ Original Content is Top Notch

Disney+ launches November 12th and there will be a massive catalog of old shows & films, as well as new original content.

Star Wars’ The Mandalorian has been the most hyped original project for the streaming series, but Noelle shows how much money and thought Disney is putting into their streaming service.

Thanks to the Disney Parks Blog, we were able to attend an early screening of Noelle, a Christmas film featuring Anna Kendrick, Bill Hader and Billy Eichner.

Here’s a special MagicBand that Disney gave us.

The film will launch exclusively on Disney+ November 12th.

Without giving away any spoilers, we thought the film was good enough to be a theatrical release this holiday season. For a streaming service project, the budget must’ve been massive because the quality, green screen work and the cast were all top notch.

The movie is a family-friendly film about Santa’s family and the troubles they go through one Christmas after Santa passes away and they need a replacement. The movie has bits of comedic lines sprinkled throughout the movie and the dialogue features fun Christmas references we have never heard of before (i.e: instead of saying OMG, people say Oh My Garland!).

The storyline doesn’t have any unexpected turns, but there is a great deal of emotion throughout the story that every family can relate to– especially during the holiday season.

Anna Kendrick, who plays Noelle, does a great job portraying Santa’s daughter as someone who has never left the North Pole and then quickly has to learn about life in America as she sets out on a quest to save Christmas.

If Noelle is any indication of the quality of original content coming to Disney+, there will be no streaming war. Disney will reign supreme once again.

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