Sanaa Introduces African-Inspired Breakfast at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Sanaa is rolling out a brand-new offering.

For the first time ever, the African-inspired restaurant is serving breakfast: Sanaa Kuashuma Breakfast.

As guests approach the counter, they’ll be greeted with a variety of grab-and-go items including yogurt parfaits, fruit plates, banana bread with house-made African chocolate-hazelnut spread, and more. There is also a sit-down menu, with a bigger selection.

  • Eggs Benedict (with two brown poached eggs, farmer’s ham, spice route hollandaise, arugula, and berries)
  • Shahi Tukra French Toast (with saffron-scented sultan raisins, whipped chai cream, and almonds),
  • Methi Paratha Wrap (scrambled eggs, potatoes masala, gouda, chermoula, and papaya achar)
  • Boere Breakfast (two cage-free eggs, African home fries, house-made boerewors sausage, bacon, and a coconut drop biscuit)
  • Enriching Grains and Fruit dish [with mixed grains, seasonal fruit, South African rusk, and coconut milk yogurt (plant-based)]
Boere Breakfast

For kids, there’s the Kid’s Explorer Platter with one cage-free egg served any style, African home fries, bacon, and a coconut drop biscuit. Or they can chow down on some classic Mickey waffles and bacon.

Oh yeah, Sanaa also offers an amazing view of the savannah, featuring looks at gazelle, zebras, kudu, giraffes, ostriches, cranes, and more.

The Sanaa Kuamsha Breakfast is served from 7:00am to 10:00am.

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