Disney Channel Looking for Families to Take Part in “Quizney”

Disney Channel is looking for families with kids who are down to put their Disney knowledge to the test. Gather the three biggest Disney fans you know (ages 9 and up) for an upcoming game show with larger-than-life physical challenges and trivia-based games. Teams of four can be made in a variety of ways, from parents, to siblings, friends, cousins, grandparents, favorite teachers, and beyond.

Once you’ve determined your fan foursome, submit the following to Quizney@digomind.com:

  • Team photo
  • Reasons why your team are the biggest Disney super fans
  • Ages of team members
  • Contact info
  • Anything else you would like Disney Quizney to know

You must be 18+ or older in order to submit. Teams can be made of ages 9+.

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