Hasbro Reveals Talking Baby Yoda Toy

Hasbro is rolling out some must-have baby Yoda merchandise.

Starting right now, most major retailers are taking pre-orders on four new Baby Yoda toys (or “The Child” if you want to be technical about it) inspired by The Mandalorian.

There’s a talking plush that retails for $25, a 6.5 inch figure for $20, a “Bounty Collection” which includes six different versions for $8 each, and everyone’s favorite, The Black Series, for $10.

Here’s a preview video of the talking plush:


While you can pre-order these now, they are all coming out in May 2020.

Here’s a look at Black Series figure:

Here are the preliminary images of the Bounty Collection.

The toys will be released in May 2020.

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