Original “High School Musical” Star Making Cameo in Disney+ Reboot

Disney+’s take on the popular High School Musical movie franchise is looking to the past and bringing back original star KayCee Stroh, best known for playing “pop, lock, jam and break” expert Martha Cox, for a special cameo in Friday’s episode, titled “What Team?”.

Entertainment Tonight has an exclusive story on the episode, where Stroh will appear as a fictionalized version of herself in a pivotal scene in the upcoming installment of HSM: TM: TS.

Stroh’s special cameo comes at the tail end of a performance of the new original song, “Truth, Justice and Songs in Our Key,” performed by members of the cast — including Joshua Bassett (Ricky), Sofia Wylie (Gina), Frankie Rodriguez (Carlos), Joe Serafini (Seb) and Dara Reneé (Kourtney) — in the iconic cafeteria of East High.

“I was approached in early April to make a special cameo appearance on the new series. It’s a delicate thing revisiting something that fans consider ‘a classic’ and ‘untouchable,’ but after reading through the script, I knew that this was finally the right concept that the die-hard Wildcat fans might be more open to. I had chills and wrote my manager immediately.”

– Stroh exclusively wrote in an email to ET

The episode premieres on Disney+ Friday, December 13.

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