“Very Very Minnie!” Special Event Begins at Tokyo Disney Jan. 10

“Very Very Minnie!”  – a new special program featuring Minnie Mouse – will take place for a limited time from January 10 to March 19, 2020 at Tokyo Disneyland.

The program will offer special entertainment, merchandise and menu items all featuring Minnie Mouse. The inspiration behind this program is Minnie’s Style Studio, a Disney Character Greeting facility that will open on April 15, 2020.

It’s Very Minnie!

Minnie Mouse is joined by her Disney Friends (Mickey, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Max, Chip, Dale & Clarice) in this musical revue presented at Showbase (in Tomorrowland). Music and costumes from Park entertainment over the years are brought back in scenes of various styles themed to Latin music, romance and club dancing. “Minnie Oh! Minnie” and “Blazing Rhythms” represent the passionate Latin style, while the romantic style is highlighted by “Jubilation!” and “Minnie’s Tiara of Dreams.” The cool club style comes to life through “D-Pop Magic!” and “Super Dancin’ Mania.” And through it all is Minnie and her love of fashion. In the finale, the Disney Friends gather, dressed in costumes inspired by Minnie Mouse, for a climactic performance of the new song created especially for this show.

Very Minnie Remix

This mini parade is filled with elements that are cute and pop about Minnie Mouse. Weaving in elements of entertainment from the past, the parade wraps Guests in a nostalgic ambience while it creates a new world of Minnie Mouse. The parade stops in six different places along the parade route for a special performance of music and dancing from past shows. The parade will feature Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy.

The parade will be presented in three versions, each focusing on different shows depending on the day and where the parade stops. Accordingly, Guests will be able to enjoy a different performance every time they view the parade.


Special decorations will be spread throughout the park during the celebration. Guests are encouraged to snap photos and find their inner Minnie.


Roughly 80 types of merchandise themed to the “Very Very Minnie!” special program will be offered at the Park. Motifs from the “It’s Very Minnie!” show will be used on clear folders and postcards, while the polka dots from Minnie Mouse’s signature costume will be found on keychain sets and memo pad sets. To enjoy the special program even more, Minnie Mouse-inspired flags and items like character gloves and hairbands that can be worn in the Park will also be available in new designs. In addition, a popular package of cookies will be available in an extra-large size.

Hotel-specific Merchandise

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and Disney Ambassador Hotel will offer merchandise and menus spotlighting the “Very Very Minnie!” special program. Guests staying at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel will be able to purchase a set of exclusive “Very Very Minnie!” items. The set includes a blanket, card case and a photo prop card. Restaurants at both hotels will serve special dishes inspired by the program. Depending on what Guests order, they will receive an exclusive card with a design that differs depending on the restaurant.

Very Very Minnie Ambassador Hotel Merch

Special Menu Items

Inspired by Minnie Mouse, about 20 types of cute and cheery special menus will be offered during the “Very Very Minnie!” special program. The Mickey Pizza at Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe will be offered in a Minnie Mouse-motif version exclusively during this period. Also available will be a cute tapioca drink inspired by Minnie’s signature polka dot dress. A special set menu at Eastside Cafe will feature pasta with a pink sauce and a bow, while Blue Bayou Restaurant will offer Minnie Mouse-motifs sprinkled throughout the various dishes in the special full-course meals. Guests can relax and enjoy a colorful meal at these two restaurants.

Very Very Minnie MenuVery Very Minnie Menu 2Very Very Minnie Menu 3Very Very Minnie Menu 4

Very Very Minnie runs from January 10th-April 15, 2020.


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