Character & Shopping Changes at Epcot Take Effect January 5th

Epcot is a park undergoing a major transformation and starting today, there are major temporary changes.

Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Goofy and Joy all have new locations. Mouse Gear gift shop has also permanently closed and moved to a new location.

Mickey’s new meet & greet is in the Imagination pavilion at the entrance of the Pixar Shorts film.

Joy is also in the Imagination Pavilion, meeting across from Ralph and Vanellope.

Daisy meets in Future World near Electric Umbrella and the temporary Mouse Gear location.

Goofy meets near Spaceship Earth.

Minnie Mouse has also moved to the Gazebo at the entrance of World Showcase.

As for Mouse Gear, the second biggest Walt Disney World Park gift shop, has relocated to a temporary location behind Electric Umbrella.

There is no word on when the permanent, reinvented Mouse Gear will open.

To check out the big plans for Epcot, read our recent blog post.

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