Mercedes-Benz Reveals Avatar-Inspired Showcar at CES 2020

Mercedes-Benz is driving into the future with an Avatar-inspired showcar.

The futuristic concept fuses driver with car through biometric tech and an immersive look at the world outside.

Called Vision AVTR, for Advanced Vehicle Transformation, the show car is the result of an actual partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Avatar movie franchise.

There are no doors, and in the back of the car, there are 33 movable, multidirectional “bionic flaps” that are meant to look like scales on a reptile.

According to CNET, when you sit inside the Vision AVTR, the car detects your pulse (and affirms it with a thump on the seat back) and can sense your breathing. Mercedes says this biometric connection is integral to how the concept operates; it wants to merge passenger and automobile into a kind of “symbiotic organism.” The pulsing control pad on the console is where you rest your hand upon entering the car, and this is where you’ll manage all of the vehicle’s key functions.

When you lift your hand, a menu screen is projected onto your palm, where you can “explore the world of Pandora from different perspectives” — as in, the planet where Avatar is set. The seat design is also inspired by the hammocklike structures the Avatar characters sleep in, so you feel supported but also recumbent.

As for the rest of the car’s mechanicals, we don’t have a lot to go on. The Vision AVTR is autonomous, and it can crab-walk side to side, thanks to front and rear axles that can turn sideways up to 30 degrees.

You can watch the unveiling of the car and the announcement of the Mercedes-Benz / Avatar partnership here.

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