Airlines Announces Halts U.S. Flights to China Due to Coronavirus

Several major airlines have announced decisions to temporarily suspend U.S. flights to China as the coronavirus continues to spread.

Delta Airlines will temporarily suspend all U.S. flights to China beginning Feb. 6 through April 30 due to ongoing concerns related to the coronavirus.

“The airline will continue to monitor the situation closely and may make additional adjustments as the situation continues to evolve,” Delta officials said.

American Airlines moved up its planned suspension of flights between the United States and mainland China beginning today.

It had originally announced that flights between Los Angeles and Shanghai and Los Angeles and Beijing would be suspended from Feb. 9. Its Hong Kong flights will continue to operate.

United Airlines also said it was suspending flights from its U.S. hub cities and Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai from Feb. 6 to March 28.

Last week, we posted about British Airways decision to discontinue flights between the UK and China.

As for Disney Parks, Shanghai Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland remained closed while the sickness spreads.

The coronavirus has now infected more people in China than were sickened in the country by the SARS outbreak in 2002-2003. The number of confirmed cases jumped to 7,711, surpassing the 5,327 in mainland China from SARS. The virus has killed 170 people.

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