Coronavirus: Aulani Resort Donates Fresh Food to Community

Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa is donating food that would normally go to guests as the coronavirus outbreak impacts people across the globe.

Disney gave the food to Aloha Harvest, a food collection and redistribution organization located on Oahu. Over the past week, Aulani Resort has donated approximately 7,000 pounds of perishable food to Aloha Harvest, which delivers it the same day to social service agencies across the island to help feed those in need.

The donation included fresh fruit and vegetables such as pineapples, watermelons, lemons, lettuce and onions, bread and milk products, as well as treats such as cupcakes, cookies and popcorn.

“Over the past nine years, Aulani Resort has contributed to the community in a number of ways. That’s why during these unprecedented times, this donation was the kindest and most heartwarming decision to make” 

– Aulani Resort General Manager Kimberly Agas

Disney has also made different donations to California, Florida and New York.

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