Coronavirus: Bob Iger Joins California Economic Task Force

California Gavin Newsrom gave his plans to reopen the state earlier this week, and now, he put together an economic task force featuring high-profile businessmen including Bob Iger.

Civic leader Tom Steyer will be Chief Advisor to the Governor on Business and Jobs Recovery

The task force will be co-chaired by Governor’s Chief of Staff Ann O’Leary and Steyer

Others on the panel include: Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger, ILWU President Willie Adams, President and CEO of the California Community Foundation Antonia Hernandez, former head of the Small Business Administration Aida Álvarez and Apple CEO Tim Cook will be part of the Task Force stepping up to help California pave the way toward a fast, safe recovery of jobs.

The Task Force will work to develop actions government and businesses can take to help Californians recover as fast as safely possible from the COVID-19 induced recession and to shape a fair, green, and prosperous future. They will meet twice a month throughout 2020 to develop options that would work for all Californians, with a particular focus on those hardest hit by the pandemic.

“While we have made significant progress in flattening the curve and increased preparedness of our health care delivery system, the actions taken have also impacted the economy, poverty and overall health care in California. We will use a gradual, science-based and data-driven framework to guide our re-opening timing while planning our economic recovery. I am honored that dozens of leaders in business, labor, health and philanthropy are stepping up to meet this moment by committing their time and talent to lift up all Californians. Through their leadership, and the leadership of California’s 40 million residents, I have no doubt we will emerge stronger from this crisis.” 

-Governor Gavin Newsom

Disneyland has been closed since mid-March due to the coronavirus, with no reopening date set yet.

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