Walt Disney Family Museum Accepting Submissions for Virtual Art Exhibition

The Walt Disney Family Museum is launching a Virtual Art Exhibition while many young artists sharpen their skills at home amid the coronavirus pandemic– and the exhibition will feature viewer submissions.

It’s called “The World of Tomorrow: A Virtual Community Art Exhibition”.

Artists of any age can submit an image of their painting, drawing, photograph, or 3D object that is inspired by your vision for the world of tomorrow. Thework will be entered in a juried pool for display in a virtual gallery space in the Diane Disney Miller Special Exhibition Hall. The virtual exhibition will be publicly on view via on the Walt Disney Family Museum’s website and social media pages.

Here’s how to submit on the website:

  • Submit a high-resolution scan or photo of your artwork as a JPG, PNG, or TIF at 300 dpi at least 6” tall. If using your phone camera, please use the highest resolution and quality possible, and take a full photo of the entire artwork using adequate lighting. Please don’t worry about cropping out the background.
  • Name your digital artwork in the following format: LastName_ArtworkTitle (e.g., Smith_WorldofTomorrow.jpg)
  • Artwork must be original, created wholly and owned by the submitting artist, contain imagery that is appropriate for all audiences, and not use intellectual property owned by others
  • Up to three artwork submissions per artists are accepted. Please complete entry form and file upload for each individual artwork
  • Submissions are accepted for artists ages 13 and up, with additional permissions documentation required for artists between 13 and 17 (sent via email after submission is accepted)

The deadline for submissions is May 4th at 5:00 p.m.


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