Gov. Newsom Sets Prerequisites to Reopen California; Theme Parks Likely Final Phase

California has been one of the hotspots for COVID-19, a virus that has wiped out hundreds of thousands across the globe.

As many U.S. cities and states look to reopen the economy as we pass the peak of the pandemic, California Governor Gavin Newsom is laying out a strategic plan for his state.

It will be a four phase plan.

Phase 1 (in effect now): Safety & Preparedness

  • Safety and preparedness
  • Building out testing and PPE and hospital capacity
  • Making essential workplaces as safe as possible
  • Preparing sector-by-sector guidelines for a safe reopening

Phase 2: Lower Risk Workplaces

  • Gradually reopening some lower-risk places with adaptations
  • Retail (e.g. curbside pickup)
  • Manufacturing
  • Offices (when working from home not possible)
  • More public spaces

Phase 3: Higher Risk Workplaces

  • Gradually reopening some higher-risk work locations with adaptations
  • Personal care (hair salons, nail salons, gyms)
  • Movie theaters
  • Sports without love audiences
  • In-person religious events

Phase 4: End of Stay-at-Home Order

  • Reopening the highest risk parts of the economy
  • Concerts
  • Convention Centers
  • Live audience sports

While Governor Newsom did not specifically mention theme parks, it’s safe to believe they are a part of the final phase.

The Governor has also been reluctant to put a timeline on these phases, but noted that the state is currently in phase one and he will be very careful before advancing to the next phase.

He also mentioned that the state of California is “weeks away”, not months.

Disneyland has been closed since mid-March and has yet to receive a reopening date.

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