“National Treasure” Arrives on Disney+

“I’m going to steal the Declaration of Independence”.

Disney’s “National Treasure” has finally arrived on Disney+.

The historical adventure movie was originally available on Netflix, but has since moved to Disney+.

“National Treasure” was originally released in theaters back in 2004.

The movie stars Nicolas Cage as historian and treasure hunter Benjamin Franklin Gates. The men of the Gates family have spent generations searching for a treasure believed to be hidden by the Free Masons somewhere in the United States. The Founding Fathers of the country left clues behind on various artifacts and objects of importance. One major clue leads Ben to believe that the secret to the treasure is hidden on the back of the Declaration of Independence, so he sets out to steal the document and find the answers.

Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha, Sean Bean, Jon Voight, and Harvey Keitel co-star in National Treasure alongside Cage.

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