United Airlines to Require Passengers to Wear Face Masks Starting May 4th

United is one of the many airlines making changes in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Like many airlines, United will start requiring passengers to wear face masks on May 4th.

Here’s the full release from United:

In coordination with the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) β€” we were the first major U.S. carrier to require that all flight attendants wear a facial covering to help protect themselves and customers on board our aircraft. Effective May 4 we will expand that mandate to include all of our employees on board β€” including front-line workers like pilots, customer service agents and ramp workers when on board an aircraft, along with any other United employees traveling. We will also make face coverings mandatory for all travelers and will be providing them for free to our customers starting May 4.

Other measures include requiring flight attendants to wear masks, staggered seating and electrostatic disinfectant spraying cabins for international flights.

United Airlines posted a video showcasing their cleaning procedures on the company’s YouTube page:

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