Pre-Orders Available for “The Mandalorian” Monopoly Game

Star Wars is taking center stage this weekend as we approach May 4th, an unofficial holiday of the fandom.

A special edition of Hasbro’s Monopoly, themed to “The Mandalorian” will allow you to buy and sell Hideouts & Common Houses and follow the actions on the Camtono cards and Bounty Puck cards. So it would seem that the game is largely the same as the standard Monopoly, only a lot cuter.

Baby Yoda Monopoly

Pre-orders for the game can now be made at Entertainment Earth for $19.99. The game includes a board, 4 cardboard tokens with pawn stands, 18 Title Deed cards, 16 Bounty Puck cards, 16 Camtono cards, 32 plastic hideouts, 12 plastic common houses, 12 dice, money pack, and a game guide.

Shipments are expected to arrive in September.

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