Coronavirus: Disney Cruise Line Will Be Last Travel-Related Business to Reopen

Disney executives gave a glimpse at what’s going into consideration when discussing to resume operations post-coronavirus pandemic.

Bob Iger and Bob Chapek outlined future plans for the company as they look to get back on track during a Q2 2020 earnings call.

The pandemic’s impact was especially pronounced in its Parks, Experiences and Products segment.

Disney estimated the impact on its operating income for that segment was about $1.6 billion.

The company reported a 58% drop in operating income for the segment this quarter compared to the same period last year.

CEO Bob Iger announced Shanghai Disney Resort will be the first park to open since the worldwide closures. Shanghai Disney Resort will reopen May 11.

During the earnings calls, leaders gave no more dates, but did specify that Disney Cruise Line will be the last travel-related business to reopen.

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