Jungle Cruise Adventure Game Hits Shelves This Summer

The Jungle Cruise is currently being turned into a feature film… and a board game.

Despite the movie’s delay, the board game is set to be up for sale this summer.

The company Ravensburger is putting the adventure game up for preorder on Amazon, expected to ship June 1st.

Here’s the official description of the game:

Attention Skippers! WANTED—Family seeks experienced skipper for safe, speedy voyage along the perilous river to Jungle Navigation Company Headquarters. Esteemed Company owner Alberta Falls will announce one of four families as temporary Company caretakers before going on sabbatical, and we’re in the running! Since we might be your future bosses, if you keep us on board, we’ll do the same for you. Payment dependent on arrival of cargo and passengers…preferably in one piece. Can you keep your passengers and cargo safe from jungle dangers, and find clues about which families have fallen out of Alberta’s favor along the way? The skipper who finishes with the most valuable freight of travelers and cargo will win… a cruise back home.


Here’s what the game includes:

  • Includes four paintable Jungle Cruise boat game pieces
  • Classic gameplay with based on the beloved Disney Parks attraction
  • True to theme, every card has a Jungle Cruise joke for Skippers to tell as they play

The game is 2-4 players and is recommended for ages 8 and up.

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