Lizzie McGuire Cast Reunites for Table Read of Iconic Bra Episode

The the Lizzie McGuire revival is in limbo, but the cast of the original Disney Channel series isn’t wasting time reuniting.

Actor Jake Thomas, who played Lizzie’s little brother Matt, organized a cast reunion table read of the pivotal Lizzie McGuire episode “Between a Rock and a Bra Place,” a.k.a. “the bra episode.”

On May 11, 19 years to the day after the episode originally aired on Disney Channel, it was re-created on Hilary Duff’s Instagram, and the whole gang was there.

The episode’s writers, Nina and Jeremy Bargiel, explain at the beginning of the table read, the bra episode felt especially daring for Disney Channel at the time. Nina remembers wondering, “Could we write about bras on the Disney Channel?” Instead of refusing to acknowledge the existence of bras, Disney okayed the episode, so long as they didn’t actually show a close-up of a bra.

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